Syllabi for courses I've taught.

Dept. of ECE, BMS College of Engineering

Even Semester 2014

Electromagnetic Field Theory
Introduction to Vector Algebra, Coulomb's Law and Electric Field Intensity, Electric Flux Density, Gauss' Law, Divergence Theorem, Energy and Potential, Current and Current Density, Continuity of Current, Conductors and Boundary Conditions, Dielectrics and Boundary Conditions, Capacitance, Poisson's and Laplace's Equations, Biot Savart Law, ACL, Magnetism, Inductances, Maxwell's Equations and Time Varying Fields, Wave-Propagation, Faraday's Law, Poynting Theorem
CPU Architectures- Harvard and Von-Neumann, RISC and CISC, 8051 Architecture, ALP for 8051, Embedded C Programming, Timers and Counters, Serial Communication, Interrupts, Interfacing with LCD, Keyboard, DAC/ADC, Stepper Motors etc.,
Mixed Signal Design Lab
Digital: Gates, Adders, FFs, Counters (Sync/Async), Shift Registers etc., Analog: MOS Characteristics,Common Source/Common Drain Amplifiers, Differential Amplifiers, Op-Amps

Odd Semester 2013

Digital Signal Processing
Sampling and Reconstruction, DFT and Properties, Circular Convolution, DFT in Linear Filtering-OA/OS methods, Radix-2FFT, Decimation, IIR, FIR Filters- Representation and Realization, Butterworth and Chebyshev Filters Design, FIR filters using windows(rectangular, triangular, Hamming, Hanning, Blackman), Gibbs Phenomena
Elements of Electronics Engineering
Semiconductor Physics, Diodes, Rectifiers, BJTs, Load Line Analysis, Biasing, MOSFET/JFET-Operation and Characteristics, Linear and Non-Linear Amplifiers, CE-CB-CC amplifiers, Frequency Response, Feedback principles, Feedback Amp Topologies, Oscialltors, LC, RC Phase Shift, Hartley, Crystal Oscillators et., Op-Amps, Virtual Ground, Inverting/Non-Inverting/Integrator/Differentiator/adder/subtractor applications. Number Systems, Boolean Algebra, SOP and POS, Boolean Minimization-K-Maps, Adders/Subtractors, Memory Subsystems, Application Electronics, Digital Communication Systems.