IMEC USA           May 2022-Dec 2022

Research Intern

Worked on high speed comparators and pre-amplifiers for superconductor-CMOS interface circuits at 77K to bridge the voltage difference between Jospehson-Junction SRAM at 4K and conventional HBM DRAM at 300K and performed noise modelling for cryogenic channels including study of suitable bit modulation schemes

Arm Inc              May 2020-Aug 2020

Research Intern
Worked on benchmarking of Arm Cores at Cryogenic Temperatures, Characterization of BEOL Stack using open source models at Low Temperatures, Recharacterization of Standard Cells at multiple temperature and Vdd Points, Thermal and Self Heating Analysis

Intel Corp           Jun 2016-Dec 2018

Graphics Hardware Engineer DSSM
  • Responsible for synthesis, placement, CTS and routing for various generations of Intel’s GFxProcessors
  • STA and timing closure of multiple partitions across various projects in GT to validate the physical design for performance, reliability, DRC/LVS, Noise and other quality aspects that improve post silicon stability of ICs
  • Drive section timing performance convergence by integrating partition netlists to do top-level netlist roll-up
  • Report and debug physical design quality issues to meet pre-tape-in criteria. Initiate section level Prime Time ECO to converge on timing and design quality rules
  • Repeater planning for Intra section and Inter section communication bundles based on same spine and cross spine for SDR and DDR specifications. Addition of manual repeaters based on distance specifications
  • Repeater bound generation and validation for slice level floor plan by rolling up ICC2 physical data bases

  • Academic

    Integrated Circuits and Systems Research Lab       Jan 2019-Present

    Graduate Research Assistant
    Currently working on Cryogenic CMOS VLSI Circuits, including but not limited to TCAD Modelling, HSPICE Simulations, Tape-Out of FOM Circuits to quantify performance improvements. Checkout the Chip Gallery

    Dept. of Electrical Engineering USC                        Aug 2015-Dec 2015

    Course Development Assistant
    Assist the Department Chair of EE Systems to develop and improve EE477L (MOS VLSI Circuit Design) course curriculum.

    Dept. of Electrical Engineering USC                        May 2015-Aug 2015

    Course Grader Modern Solid State Devices
    Provide solutions and grade the assignments for EE537- Modern Solid-State Devices course and hold office hours for discussion.

    Dept. of ECE BMS College of Engineering              Jul 2013-Jun 2014

    Instructed freshmen, sophomore & junior classes and senior lab. Visit the teaching page for details about the classes. Functioned as one of the department coordinators for National Board of Accreditation (NBA)